Let us know your views on Trident renewal and defence

Thousands of jobs depend on the renewal of the Trident nuclear deterrent and more widely on defence contracts. 

The Labour Party are currently conducting a defence review. We want GMB members who work in and around the sector to have their say on issues from Trident renewal to shipbuilding and beyond. 

Below, you can let us know your views and we'll pass them on the to Labour Party (to make an official submission to the review, we'll give the Labour Party your details and they may use that information to get in touch in future - so don't fill the form out if you're not happy for that to happen. You can always opt out if they get in touch and you're not interested). 

Your statement can be as short and sweet as you like. Let Labour know your views!

What to put in your statement

Lots of people will be talking about their political opinions on defence and Trident. GMB wants to make sure the voices of working people and communities that rely on defence industries are heard. Please give real life examples of how government decisions on Trident, and defence, would impact on you, your family and the area you live in. So things like:

  • What will happen to jobs and employment in your area if Trident isn't renewed?
  • What sort of jobs in your area rely on Trident renewal? Are they skilled jobs?
  • What will the impact be on you personally, and your family, if Trident isn't renewed?
  • Those who want to scrap Trident say that they can do so and replace all of the jobs. GMB has called that 'pie in the sky' and 'Alice in Wonderland politics'. What do you say to the argument that Trident could be scrapped but all of the jobs in your area replaced by other industry? 

An example:

I have worked in this industry since I left school. I spent years training learning my trade and there are no alternatives for my skills in this area. We’ve heard all the stories about diversification but I’ve yet to see any concrete plans that will utilise my skills and pay the rates of pay that my skills attract now. Failing to renew the Trident system will have a real impact on m life, and it will also kill off the major industry in my community. 

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