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Public Sector Pay Pinch

This government has pinched thousands of pounds from our hardworking public servants who keep our country moving. You can find out more here, where you can also sign our petition and, if you're a public sector worker, calculate just how much you've lost under this government.





Running Your Own Campaign

Politics and politicians can make a big difference for GMB members. From time to time we ask members to contact their Member of Parliament, Councillors, MSP or AMs to let them know about issues in their workplaces and ask for their help.

A few tips on lobbying politicians

1. Personaliae your communication. Elected representatives get loads of email and letters, if they all look identical then they have less impact (it looks like you didn't take much time to write)

2. Make the subject line different - again, if they all look the same your argument may get missed

3. Use local examples. Your representatives are elected to represent your area, issues that matter to local voters are more likely to matter to them

4. Don't go on. Make your point clearly and as briefly as possible

5. Always spell out what you would like your representative to do to help  you. Just sending a generic letter without giving your MP/Councillor a way to help might meant you don't get the response you want (they're not mind readers!). 



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