The GMB Politics website has only just launched, but as we really get going we'll be updating this page with new policy documents and briefs about GMB issues (in no more than 500 words, you will be pleased to hear!). 

Keep checking back to see what's happening. 

Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP)

Click here for more info on the proposed Treaty between the US and EU. 


Industrial action on July 10th

Click here to read why GMB members are taking industrial action on July 10th as a last resort. 


How unions can make work pay

At GMB Congress in Nottingham, Class and  the GMB launched a new pamphlet called 'How unions can make work pay'. It's a short, to the point booklet about some of the big challenges facing our members. It is co-authored by Yorkshire and North Derbyshire Regional Secretary Tim Roache and National Organiser Martin Smith. 



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