Public Sector Pay Pinch


The UK’s public services keep the country on the road, and public sector workers already do more than anyone could reasonably ask, yet for 7 years public sector workers have suffered severe real-terms cuts to their salaries whilst the cost of living has soared under this Government.

The average NHS wage for workers on the top of their pay bands has increased by just 3% since 2010, less than a third of average pay growth in the private sector, while Local Government workers’ salaries have not been raised in real terms since 2008/09. 

If you are a public sector worker you can find out just how much the government has pinched from your pocket here

There is no excuse for real term pay cuts to our public sector workers. The financial crash wasn’t caused by teaching assistants, council officers or hospital porters. It’s outrageous that they are still expected to pay the price for the banking crisis over a decade later. GMB stands with them, fighting for the decent pay deals our members need and deserve. 

The policy has already cost our members thousands of pounds in lost earnings, and with additional inflation triggered by Brexit, prices are projected to rise by more than double the Government’s planned annual 1% pay increases over the course of this Parliament. If the Government does not take action, the average value of full-time public sector workers’ wages will fall a further £4,073 by 2020.

And real terms cuts to public sector pay aren’t just failing our members. They’re failing everyone who relies on our vital public services, from council services and schools to NHS and social care.

Theresa May and Philip Hammond now have a chance to break with the failed policies of their predecessors, and make sure that helping those ‘just about managing’ actually means something to the UK’s five million strong army of public sector workers.

To find out more about our campaign and to sign the petition to end the public sector pay pinch, click here

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