Our history, our politics

temp_file_Banner_512_320_214_c1.jpgWhy do we get involved in politics?

GMB and Labour have a long history. Our founders helped found the Labour Party and its still the only party to date which was set up by working people, for working people.

We continue to have strong links with the Party today. Many of our members are members of the Labour Party, and many of our elected politicians are GMB members. We work together to make the world a better place for working people.

Want to know more?

Click here to watch a short film about the history of the GMB & the Labour Party.

Click here to read more about our link and find out how to join (at a special reduced trade union rate!).

If you'd like to speak to a GMB Officer about how you can get involved in politics, or if you are interested in standing for office, please contact politicaldepartment@gmb.org.uk or speak directly to your Regional Political Officer (details available here)

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