Here's some information about the Trade Union Bill

Heart_Unions_square.pngThe Trade Union Bill covers a lot of ground. From facility time to campaigning, from picketing to how you can pay your subs, the government are set on attacking our right and ability to organise. 

Lots of members have been asking for details of the Bill and how it will impact on us day to day, so here's a bit more information about it (and what you can do to help!)

For the basics of what the Bill means in practice, click here to see a short video from Frances O'Grady and an explanation about what's in the Bill and here to find out more information about TUC campaigning, 

The Bill is going through Parliament right now. You can keep track of it here and for those who like a lot of details, the House of Commons Committee sessions are recorded here and the debate in the House of Lords is here. 

What you can do to help

There's lots you can do to make sure the voice of GMB members is heard. 

Getting in touch with your MP is key way to make sure politicians listen to the people who elected them. You can email your MP, or give their office a call to make an appointment at their constituency office. 

The TUC have petitions and workplace posters for download too so you can get let members in your workplace know exactly what this Bill means. Some branches are holding special meetings to highlight the issue, if you'd like a speaker to come along, contact your Regional Political Officer or drop the national team a line on 

Heart Unions Week

GMB are joining the TUC in a week of action to show all the good work unions do across the country, day in, day out. Click here to find out more

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