GMB national political team

If you'd like to get in touch with the National Political Team, drop us a line on the emails below. You can also find us on Twitter at @GMBPolitics


Cath Speight, National Political Officer |

Cath has been a Labour and Trade Union activist for over 30 year's. In 2008 Cath chaired the Labour Party and is now back on the Labour Party National Executive Committee representing the GMB. 


Sarah Owen, Political Officer (Parliamentary) | 

Sarah joined GMB from the House of Lords, where she worked to fight the Conservative's disgraceful Trade Union Bill. With a background in policy, communications and over a decade of grassroots political campaigning, she has gained experience at every level of government. Sarah works with our MPs, Peers and sectors to ensure that the needs of our members are properly reflected by our political values. 


Tom Warnett, Political Officer (local Government) |

Tom joined the political team in 2016, bringing with him 7 years of experience from working as a Political Officer at a sister union. Over the years he has worked on many successful trade union and Labour Party campaigns, most recently with our Professional Drivers branch campaigning against Uber and the introduction of a language test. Tom leads on local government and is currently building GMB's Councillor Network.


Gary Doolan, Political Officer |

Gary joined the political team in April 2012, He has a background in Local Government and has represented the GMB in many contracted areas, he was also Branch Secretary for GMB for 18 years. Gary is currently a local Labour Councillor for the London Borough of Islington. Gary is a jack of all trades working on GMB European issues, local government and political education. 


John Callow, Political Officer |

John has a long, varied and distinguished career in education and research. Holding a PhD, John has lectured at Lancaster University, Goldsmiths College, Wuhan University, at the Peace Institute, Ljubljana, and the Ho Chi Minh Political Academy in Vietnam. For eight years, he worked as the Director of Archives at the Marx Memorial Library, in London and is currently a visiting tutor at the University of Suffolk.

John wrote 'GMB@Work, the story behind the union', a history of the GMB. John works on political education and making sure that all members have access to the right history of our movement and the reasons why the world is the way it is. 


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